The Peachy Keen Coordination Story...

Oh hey there, I'm Cindy Lindsley (yes, that's my real name!)​

I’ve had a dream of going into event coordination (specifically weddings) for over a decade, and in the last few years it has transformed into a business. It was a tough decision to wait this long but like any quality souffle, the rise is well worth the wait!

Being a coordinator is awesome -- like, seriously you guys. I have THE best job, ever. What I do is sometimes weird, I get that. Sometimes it means hounding down on the groom to go take a shower and just have a beer with the guys. Sometimes it means reattaching the bride's veil moments before she goes down the aisle...yup, it happens!
But being the coordinator ALWAYS means advocating first and foremost for the couple to ensure that they get to remember how in love they felt on their BEST DAY EVER.

So, when I say that Peachy Keen Coordination, LLC specializes in boutique coordination, it’s because we form a relationship with our clients. You are not just a transaction, you are a memory; you are a page in our scrapbook; and you often times become a friend. We {well, I} know that everyone’s story is a little different, you are no exception. Peachy Keen Coordination strives to give you the time, commitment, and service so that you are able to reflect on your day as one of your most favorite days. Ever.
Want to know a bit more about Cindy? Oh my, you're too kind!
  • First thing you need to know is I am head over heels for my hubs.
  • I'm probably wayyy too obsessed with my dapper, dopey dogs: GiGi and Graham. I have designed an entire photoshoot based around them [so...yep, definitely OCD (Obsessive Corgi Disorder)]. For accommodating venues and by special request, they may even join in on a site survey to help CORGInate your special day.
  • I can quote almost every line from the movie Lilo & Stitch...and not the least bit ashamed about it!
  • If I could pack up my bags and go anywhere in the world, I would fly to Ireland. If I was limited to the states, you can bet I'd be in New Orleans in a jiffy.
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