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I’m Cindy Lindsley (yes, I know, it sounds like a fictional character), owner, planner/coordinator, and designer here at Peachy Keen Coordination, LLC. I started my business five years ago, although I’ve worked in the events industry for 10+. During that time, I noticed a problem: coordinators were only offering support too close to the big day OR absolutely full-service—nothing in between. Having worked in catering, venue management, and event design (I can even be a florist in an absolute pinch), I’ve seen the industry from all angles. Turns out, a lot of you aren’t into those extremes. You have a creative vision and want to be part of the process, but also want help when you need it and the freedom to ask alllll the questions.

This is where we differ.

We’re all about being a loyal partner to you (no matter which package you choose). When we say “we’re on your team” we genuinely mean it. Yes, wedding planning is a blast for us (we’re weird like that), but it’s also a great way for you and your fiancé to learn and grow deeply as a couple. Which is kinda what you’re most excited for in a marriage, right?

While the day is for you and your family, this whole shebang is going down in honor of your love. So while we strive to collaborate and create with everyone there—whether your hired friends or professionals—we always advocate, first and foremost, for YOU. That way, your wedding reflects YOUR vision and YOUR relationship—even if it means cutting out some practiced traditions. Be quirky, have fun, do it your way. We’re behind you 100%!

BTW, who says weddings are the only life milestone to celebrate? While weddings are our main gig, we’re pretty much up for planning and designing any special event—anniversary parties, showers, and even holiday parties. It’s such a privilege to be included in your most memorable occasions, and we don’t forget that for a second!

Wanna know even more? Oh my, you’re too kind!

I’m head over heels for my hubs (no wonder I love weddings!). Here we are in our fave spot, New Orleans!

I’m obsessed with my dapper, dopey dogs GiGi and Graham. FYI: They love to help CORGInate weddings—so they’ll join in on a site survey every now & then!

While we’re on the subject of obsessions, I can quote almost every line from Lilo & Stitch.

We have two bunnies, Beignet and Bourbon, named after my love of New Orleans.

My dream travel destination is Ireland… Or back to NOLA, if it’s gotta be stateside.

We love ALL love, so as long as you love each other, we love you too!

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