Cindy, the owner and planner/stylist of Peachy Keen Coordination is the best investment I've made in my entire time of planning! Going into the first steps of getting married, I really didn't think I needed much of a planner and did not think it was worth the money I had planned on budgeting...WRONG!!! Cindy was EVERYTHING to me during my planning process; from taking the reins to anything logistics, to answering the most random questions regarding style, and 'is this weird or non-traditional?' Cindy went above and beyond to assist me in every way possible! Cindy is also one of the sweetest humans I've met and I cherish her friendship as well. She's organized, communicative, unique, honest, and so efficiant. I am so thankful I found her and that she is the face behind all the madness that happens before and the day of my wedding. If you are seeking a planner, STOP LOOKING -- Cindy is the best in the business (and has the best vendor referrals), you will be thankful (and worry free) you booked her for your big day! 
Lisa Eddy, July 2018 Bride

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Cannot say enough great things about Cindy and her business. She covered all bases, thought out every logistic, caught every detail (minor and major), and if there was anything that went wrong at our wedding -- I had no idea because she handled it! Not only did I know how great she is, our DJ loved working with her, she referred me to other great vendors that I also needed (and was thrilled with), and my mom couldn't say enough nice things. I still hear comments from our day about how she prepared and how fantastic she was for the setup of our day while I was gettin my hair done. I am a perfectionist and had a hard time handing the reins over for our wedding, but I am so glad I did with Cindy. Always in great hands with her!! 
Meredith Sansburn, June 2018 Bride

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Cindy is amazing! From the first time we spoke to even a week after our wedding she has gone above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of. Communication was always quick and easy; she made herself available for walk thrus and random questions, even late at night. She was super organized with our wedding, she checked in on our progress and offered her support many times when we got stuck. She is super passionate and knowledgeable and is willing to help with ideas. Ultimately she is eager to make your dream wedding run flawlessly so you can focus on celebrating with your friends and families. Really, I cannot thank Cindy enough for how much of a help she was!
Danny Mollas, January 2018 Groom

I cannot thank you enough for being so helpful! I had the best day ever (even though it was SO hot)! You really went above and beyond! I'm so happy we decided to have a day of coordinator; things went so smooth, we didn't have any problems which made the day relaxing and that's just what every bride needs! Thank you so much, I'm so glad we had such an amazing coordinator!
Molly Nokleby, July 2018 Bride

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10/10 would HIGHLY recommend! I cannot explain how thankful I am that I found Cindy! From day one she was quick to respond, provided constant communication, provided help with vendors, helped me with colors, gave advice on venues, helped with questions I had on my guest lists, helped with a very large wedding party, helped me to incorporate and execute small dates that meant the world...and the list goes on! She always gave me her professional opinion when I asked and help guide me through every little and big decision. She was a mentor, counselor, and a friend. Cindy, thank you so much for making the process and our wedding day so unforgettable. We couldn't have done it without you!
Janelle Cruell, July 2018 Bride

I cannot say enough about this amazing woman and her husband! With over 200 guests, nine groomsman and nine bridesmaids, I don't know how we could have ever herded those cats by ourselves! She was so excited for me, for us, and for our day as I walked down the aisle. Thank you Cindy, we really cannot thank you enough. Hire her, or you'll be missing out!
Cerissa Woody,​ September 2018 Bride

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[Cindy] was the first vendor we hired after booking our venue and was the most important! Even though we hired her for as a 'month of' coordinator, I was able to contact her throughout the year as I was planning my wedding. She was always available to answer any questions I had or offer any advice I needed. She became the contact person for everyone involved, was in charge of creating and sending out the timeline and floorplan, and ensure that everyone knew what time to be at the venue to setup. If issues came up, Cindy was right there to handle them. She was the first to arrive at our venue for setup and last to leave from cleanup. She has a keen eye for style, and set up the venue beautifully! Having Cindy as our coordinator not only made our wedding day flow smoothly, but it also allowed my husband and I to relax, enjoy, and be truly present for our wedding. The amount of time and care she put into our wedding made us feel like she was a lifelong friend who was fully invested in our happiness. We can't thank her enough!
Kelli Brown, September 2017 Bride

Amy Booker Photography.

To put it simply, Cindy is AMAZING! I was a bride who thought I'd have plenty of time to plan a wedding and when I realized how wrong I was and started to look for coordinators, there was no doubt in my mind that Cindy was the perfect fit. She made coordinating a wedding for almost 300 people, with 20 in the bridal party, and our seven month only baby look SO easy. She put my mind at such an ease and every other vendor at our wedding was so thankful for keeping us on track and making sure everything went perfectly! We continue to recommend her to all of our friends -- she is without doubt the best!
Stephanie Davis, September 2017 Bride

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Cindy and her team did an incredible job on the day of my wedding. She was able to customize her services to exactly what I wanted in a day of coordinator. Planning [a wedding] from across the country wasn't easy, but Cindy made things much easier. I would definitely recommend Cindy to any and all brides looking for a coordinator.
Emily Barker,
​July 2017 Bride

Grupp & Rose Photography.

I had a very relaxed and stress free day (people kept commenting at how calm of a bride I was) and I credit that to Cindy. She listens to your vision and wants it to be your way! She has great suggestions and recommendations for vendors -- and she really is the sweetest person. She is easy to communicate with and her attention to detail cannot be topped. She was worth every penny and I cannot thank her enough!
Brittney Bennett,​ August 2017 Bride

The Mamones Photography.

Cindy made my wedding day a breeze and dealt with every single detail so all I had to do was relax and remain calm. I would HIGHLY recommend her! I wish I could do it all over again!
Lindsay Paulsen, August 2017 Bride

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Our day was absolute perfection because of Cindy. She helped me plan a wedding from across the country (Florida) and was just so helpful in every step of the way. She wrangled our families (no small feat), coordinated with vendors, and made our day go off without a hitch! Alyssa Setzer, August 2016 Bride

Lauren Reber Photography.

Cindy, was so wonderful to have here on Mitch and Darby's special day!!! From helping with flowers, to supplying extra signs, to carrying more chairs from one end of the yard to the other, and all the other little unseen things you did!! You brought an extra layer of peace, and the day was perfect in every way!! May the Lord shower you with blessings for all you do for others!! We were so glad you were here!!
Rita & Russ Flatz, July 2016 Parents of the Groom

Heidi Radtke Haden ofVelvet Owl Photography

Cindy was absolutely incredible. Peachy Keen Coordination understood and executed my vision even better than I could have dreamed. It's like Cindy was in my brain! I got dressed away from the venue, but was able to relax knowing Cindy was there to take care of it all. As far as I know, everything ran smoothly, and even if it didn't, I wouldn't have known because Cindy was so composed! When I arrived at the venue I had tears in my eyes, seeing all my vision had come to life. Cindy was the last person I saw before I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams. When she laid out my veil behind me as I prepared to walk down the aisle, I felt more like a friend was sending me off, rather than just a vendor we had hired. After the ceremony, Cindy was incredibly efficient and quick making many floral moves and moving other decor around the venue. My wedding day was the best day of my life and I can't honestly say it wouldn't have been that way without Peachy Keen Coordination. Cindy will treat you like a friend and go above and beyond all of your expectations. If you are debating hiring Cindy- DO IT! 
-  Emily Sexton-Foley | June 2016 Bride

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